Makita Angle Grinder 9553B

Makita Angle Grinder 9553B

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Hubungi Kami: (021) 2215-7063, E-mail : | Deltamas Boulevard Ruko Palais De Paris Blok I No. 21 Kota Deltamas Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi 17550

  • Motor with High Heat-Resistance Performance
  • Dust proof construction
  • Powerful 710W Motor
  • Rotatable Gear Housing
    Can be positioned at every 90 degrees
    to suit most cutting and grinding operations.
  • Small body grip for easy handling

Labyrinth Construction Protects All Ball Bearings from Dust and Debris.

Makita Angle Grinder 9553B detail

Makita Angle Grinder 9553B

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